Artist Of The Year 2019 Is……………

Before we wish everybody a Happy New Year from us at Mediazink, we must clarify and greet the
Winner of our Christmas Calendar 2019.
A week ago we announce the 6th to the 10th place.
Today we announce the Winner and 2nd to 5th place.

Gratulations to MONA CUPCAKE from Denmark.
Working in the Pure Ink Studio in Copenhagen.
Despite Mona was travelling on the opposite site of the Globe she managed to mobilise
her Family, Friends, Supporters amongst the readers at Mediazink.
Her points was 588,50
Mediazink - Artist of the year 2019

Second Place also from Denmark goes to Mona´s sister, Mary´s Ink.
Points: 450,50
Marys Ink

Third Place is from Sweden, Jens Waldman.
Points: 342
Jens W

Fourth Place is from The Netherlands, Onny S.
Points: 283,50
Onny S.

Fifth Place is from Germany, Lena Art.
Points: 193
Lena Art

All winners will be contacted about collecting your prices in 2020.
Once again a big thank you to all who was involved in this years edition.
We will be back with another one next year.

Also a huge thanks to My Tattoo Inc who was so generous to sponsor the whole
Christmas calendar.