Art Out of Waste; African Artists Using Discarded Flip Flops:

African Artists are making art out of waste. Currently it seems very fitting to look at how art can be made through recycling. The earths climate and resources are certainly on people’s minds right now, due to us hitting the Earth Overshoot Day on the 1st of august this year. But even if we ignore the environmental aspect for a short moment. The art these artists create, from something as mundane as discarded flip flops, is simply majestic.

However one of the main goals of this art project, is indeed creating awareness, about the worlds current situation. By both recycling on a large scale and simultaneously creating something beautiful out of it. They have recycled over 500.000 flip flops, just last year. So one can say that they are making a difference. While they at the same time create beautiful and colorful sculptures out of them.

The Kenyan group that are running this project, even has over 900 employees working on this art, and the animal sculptures they create speak for themselves. It is amazing what just a little recycling can achieve and how much beauty can come from dark places.

Flip-Flop Art

Choking oceans cough up art.

Publiée par 60 Second Docs Presents sur Vendredi 1 juin 2018

Final Comment:

It is always awesome to see art with a purpose, like this art created out of waste/recycled flip flops. It is not only a great inspiration towards what can be done for the environment. But the scultures are actually beautiful pieces of art, symbolizing all sorts of different animals. Hopefully they will continue the good fight and their beautiful artwork, both are surely and sorely needed.

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