Art of tattooing – a passion

My name is Francieli AD Silva i did piercer, I am 27 years old, born in Santa Rosa-RS, Brazil, my husband is Mark A. Franke, tattoo artist is 26 years old, born in the Tres May-RS, Brazil. (Not sure if it’s interesting or beside the point to say that he is also Italian)


We met six years ago, he Tres May when I get a tattoo with him, and from that we approach and never separated.

Mark Franke had already been to London before he met me to perfect the tattoo business with his brother who lives in London for many years.

He always wanted to see the world go to many places.


That’s when we thought why not? Use of tattoo art and continue working to afford to go traveling.

After a year together in the first place went to Italy in 2010,went over the tour there was little work but took the chance and married,was on 18 December of the same year.

That same day went to London and then to Denmark,where we stayed longer.


He returned to Brazil,and that’s when we decided to open our studio to have a point of reference,always good to go back to work in the homeland.

And in our country and people feel more comfortable when you have a fixed point.

After a year and a half in Brazil,decided to return to Denmark again,but before we decided to go to meet and work in Palma Maiorca- Spain,I was a month for it.

He was standing in Denmark again I came to my mind this is my life and I like how the art world that I do something that involves this and I accompany my husband always.

So I started to make a piercer course like this that will make we completed our work all studios need a tattoo artist and piercer then so we could continue our travels together.

After a year and two months in Denmark came time to visit Brazil again because also I miss family and friends.

We stayed her a year and a half taking advantage of friends and work and where he also decided to encourage jobs with teens so they trust in love and believe they can do much, since in art Brazil is not very supported.


We went up to them to show that if that’s what you’re dreaming,you can do it get big and be your way of life to learn to believe and how to develop the idea. And you can see the art of making world.

Today we are in London we are working together in Angelic Hell studio. We intend to stay here for a long time but we still have many countries on our list.