Art of Light; Digital Art Museum Opening In Tokyo:

Art of light, it is the theme of a new digital museum that opened in Tokyo Japan  this summer. This is museum unlike any other, truly promising to take art into the digital age. Indeed there will be no classical painting, or even what we normally know as paintings, hanging on  the walls of this museum. Instead all of the museum itself is the art exhibit. This is all thanks to custom made and interactive light shows, that feature in every inch of the museum.

Not only are these light shows interactive with the audience, but they will also change every day. This promises to be truly fascinating, an art exhibit that like life, keeps changing and moving. The light displays are absolutely stunning and even they are not made conventionally. Instead they are digitally created on the interactive (digital) surfaces and objects of the museum, anything from the floors to the walls, even chandeliers.

The whole project is undertaken by the Japanese art collective called Teamlab. Together with the Mori Buildings company, they have brought the world this one of a kind project. It will be interesting to see how they succeed in their project, in the days to come. If they truly have managed to create a fully immersive art experience, it might create a whole new way for people to enjoy art and even peek people’s interest in art more.

Welcome to a full-scale digital art museum

Tokyo’s new futuristic digital art museum will blow your mind 😱

Publiée par In The Know Innovation sur Lundi 23 juillet 2018

Final Comment:

The exhibit that makes art of light, it looks incredible. Like something out of the best sci-fi movies in the world.
It is truly inspiring to see and as we mentioned, it is amazing to see art that truly embraces this digital age. While at the same time creating an immersive an interactive experience.

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