Art Creations made in Serbia
The first 2 days in Belgrade convention have been the place for*Artqork in high class.

This weekend many of the best artists in Balkan area have been gathered in the Capitol of Serbia to compete in many styles and categories.
Mediazink is represented by the travellin´team, Carsten and Jeanett.

Here is a Little selection of some of the Body Art made on Friday and Saturday.
Tomorrow there will be created a full photogallery from this super nice convention.
All Pictures here is taken by:
Jeanett Esfort,  Vladimir Petkovic,  Ivan Maric &  Katja Kendi.

10407955_867682356601899_4498861130437331560_n   11222475_459381717572091_3640388700516306086_n
Gorilla is made by:  MG Tattoo & Piercing Studio.

Portrait is made by:  MG Tattoo & Piercing Studio.

Here is the Winner of BEST FRIDAY

This Friday Winner tattoo is made by : Ica Tattoo

Trash Polka Tattoo
11222475_459381717572091_3640388700516306086_n (2)
This tattoo is made by FFF Tattoo Club.