Areola Tattoos; Helping Women Heal:

Areola Tattoos, it is one of the two types of Mastectomy tattoos. We have talked about mastectomy tattoos before, but today we would like to talk about them again. However, this time we focus on the areola tattoo, as some call it.
The areola tattoo can be said to be the more common and less eccentric of the two types of mastectomy tattoos.

The areola tattoo is as said a mastectomy tattoo. It is designed to help women, who have undergone the medical procedure, to heal especially mentally. It is designed to help women regain some of what they have lost. Many women chose to have surgery to give them back their bust, after their natural breasts have been removed.

But these surgeries cannot give women their nipple back. A part of the breast, which many may not realize means as much as it does, before it is gone. But this is where tattooing is helping women. Some tattoo artists have taken to specializing in recreating the nipple as a tattoo. Of course it won’t have the same physical dimensions as a normal nipple. But it makes the breast look more complete and in turn, the women feel more complete.

Two Very Different Types:

Indeed there are two types of mastectomy tattoos as mentioned above. One is the areola tattoo, which we just explained. The other does not necessarily have as clear a title, but it is tattoos to cover the breast. Often with very artistic imagery going across any scars and the placement where the nipple would have been.

These tattoos also help women heal, both the types do in fact. The only difference is, than one is a lot more about self expression and perhaps more for women who are already tattoo inclined. Where as the Areola Tattoo, is for anyone wishing for some inked up assistance in their mental healing. One goes for a natural look where the other goes for much more atistry.

Non of the two types are better than the other. It all depends on the woman in question which type would suit and help them best. But it is a fact that both help the women who have suffered, to heal.

Final Comment:

Areola tattoos, without a doubt it is a great example, of how tattooing can help even people outside of the tattoo community, to heal. They help the women that get them, feel better about themselves and their bodies. We salute all the artists who are helping women through their craft.

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