Apocalypse Tattoo In Berlin By Benjamin Moss

Mediazink found Benjamin at the Berlin Tattoo Convention
and we quickly decided to do an interview. Benjamin Moss
is original from America and have been studying Fine Art at
the center for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Work by Benjamin Moss

CA: Benjamin how did you start in the world of tattooing?
BM: I actually started to work as an artist in 1997. I worked in my hometown,
Detroit, hereafter in year 2000 I went to Seattle and worked until I started to
pendle between Europe (Berlin) and Seattle. For about 3 years I did that before
I decided to settle in Berlin on a permanent basis. That was the 2010.

CA: What is your favorite style of tattooing and has it always been that style you love to do?
BM: I started out as an allrounder, for me it was nice to learn
and do more different styles but over the years I found my
preferred niece and I call it “New Dark Realism”.

Work by Benjamin Moss

CA: I know your travel a lot of conventions around the World,
is there a favorite convention you want to highlight?
BM: Stockholm Inkbash is my favorite for sure.

Work by Benjamin Moss

CA: I see you have a female artist working in your studio and also here in Berlin, Sara Lusu.
BM: Sara is also my girlfriend and she has been working for around 8 years.
We complement each other very well and it´s cool to travel together
and have these experiences together.

Work by Sara Luso

CA: Thanks for the quick interview Benjamin and Sara.

Carsten Augustenborg from MediaZink together with Benjamin Moss

Please take a look at Benjamin and Sara´s link on the social media,
Benjamin: www.instagram.com/benjaminmosstattoo
Sara: www.instagram.com/sarahb0109



Convention photos is made by Melinda Andersson.