Restaurant Noma is an internationally famous restaurant in Copenhagen, which opened in 2003 in Christianshavn in Copenhagen. Noma has been developed in partnership between TV chef Claus Meyer and chef René Redzepi. Today Rene Redzepi leads the restaurant, and owns it together with Claus Meyer and Kristian Byrge.

It offers exquisite and original gourmet kitchen with Nordic ingredients and cooking methods. Noma focuses on Nordic cuisine, and the name is a contraction of the two Nordic words “nordisk”(nordic) and “mad”(food).

The ingredients are brought in from the Faerie Islands, Iceland, Greenland, and of course, Denmark.

1 menu consists of 20 servings for a price of 1600 DKK.

In 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 the restaurant won the price as the worlds best restaurant, by the magazine ‘’British Restaurant Magazines’’ and holds two stars in the Michelin Guide.

Until the 24. Marts the restaurant has closed in Copenhagen, because they have open at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo.