Anti Tattoo Propaganda; No Science, No Facts, All Rage and Full of Laughs:

Anti Tattoo Propaganda, we have probably all (those of us with tattoos especially), seen it on Facebook and other places online. Luckily, most of us don’t know anyone that actually buys into this baseless crap. Such as the fact that tattoos will make you are bad person, or make your kids disabled and much more. Most of us, even if you have no education, will know that these “facts” they talk about, couldn’t be bigger lies.

But they are still good for a good hard laugh at the ignorance of some people. Most of them are based in hardcore religious believes and others are rooted in deep cultural hatred of tattoos, and anything else different. But all we can do is laugh. These people are clearly ignorant, so it is better to laugh rather than fight with them we find. Like we said, their claims about tattoos are so out there, you can’t help but laugh.

We especially love this one poster, that even has a rhyme to it. It is a bit of an older one, from the second world war (else it might just replicate the time). It is absolutely priceless and has made us laugh quite a bit already. We hope it will make you laugh too:

We don’t know what Hitler loved about women, and we certainly don’t care. But that is one extreme claim to make about tattooed women.

Final Comment:

Anti Tattoo Propaganda, at least it gives us all something to laugh about. Luckily we live in a world where most people would never buy into, what it says on any of those posters. To the few people that do believe them, we can only feel sorry for them. They are missing out on how colorful the world truly is.

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