Andy Engel best known for his photorealistic tattoos

Andy Engel best known for his photorealistic tattoos
October 12
06:00 2016

Andy Engel

One of the most famous tattoo artists in the world, Andy are best known for his photorealistic tattoos. Born in Tiefenstockhiem, a small village in Bavaria, Germany, the development of his creative skills was majorly due to his father’s work as a blacksmith.

Founding a band ‘PARADIZE’ at the age of 17 even though he was trained as a gas fitter and plumber, made him realize that his life would always be affected by his creative pursuits. Engel was introduced to the world of ink in 1991, at the age of 22, through a tattoo workshop where he learned how to inject ink into the skin. A perfectionist by nature, he delved into the world of tattoos and strived to perfect his work by working at different tattoo studios. In 1995, he opened his own studio, Andy’s Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Kitzingen which he operated parallel to his music career. Soon, his talent for photorealistic tattoos emerged and the demand for his tattoos led him to abandon his music career.

His eagerness to be the best had led him to attend tattoo conventions and become a part of the international tattoo scene which helped him gain a lot of experience. Engel along with Bob Tyrell, whom he met at a convention in 2007, started a tattoo band that played gigs at conventions alongside tattoos. By this time, Engel had made an international name for himself and many magazines ran features and articles on him. His fame was universal and he was booked by tattoo studios and conventions all over the world. His popularity has also led to Central European channels running features on him and his projects frequently. In 2008, Engel became the first artist to look in to what is essentially called ‘Mamilla Reconstruction’, because if it is possible to draw photorealistic portraits, it must be possible to help women who go through breast cancer treatment. A hospital in Wurzburg agreed to cooperate with Engel and due to the extraordinary results, a lot of other hospitals started sending their patients to him to help them feel whole again. Because of his success, the demand for his tattoos and techniques was huge so in 2010, he released his first DVD ‘Black N Gray Portrait with Andy Engel’ in which he showed his techniques.

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Due to this success, he released a second DVD, after which he got huge sponsorship deals from a German bank and he also made designs for a US-based brand ‘Sullen Clothing’. Engel’s success led him to become the face for ‘INTENZE Products’ which is the top producer of tattoo ink. His popularity also gave him an opportunity to release his own line of tattoo ink and a special one for Mamilla Reconstructions. His fame has led him to diversify the field of ink by designing a can for ‘Rockstar Energy Drink’ and designing a jewelry collection of J.Fischers & Sohn KG from Pforzheim.

His work ethic, business sense, and most of all creative skills are the reason he is the one of the most famous tattoo artists today. Andy Engel’s well-deserved success has been due to his ability to expand the limits of photorealism and to create new avenues for up and coming tattoo artists.



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