Andressa ferraz
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Born and raised in the city of Itaobim in Jequitinhonha Valley (Minas Gerais), better known as the Valley of misery, which I prefer to call Love Valley, Valley of the artists, as a child was involved with art, always dreamed of being an actress at age 14 began traveling through the region with the arena theater group your community art and life and even without form, already was teaching theater and dance for children there and engage in social projects as a volunteer at 18 was to Belo Horizonte where professionalized as an actress of theater, where you can also debut on stage with the play adaptation of the film Moulin Rouge directed by Beth Hass, but always wanted to be TV actress and the 25 decided to go to Rio de Janeiro to venture into pursuit of their dreams.


In Rio made figuration in TV, film and advertising and got small roles as an actress in large stations in Brazil, and this earned him the pride and approval of all its region, friends and family, you could ever imagine that someone could go there so far, now works behind the camera also helps in the production, found that more like comedy and has plans to write a comedy show stand up.


One of the great dreams is to win money, live their profession and able to return to their region and one day build a large school of arts, to provide opportunities for great talent there. Found and continues to find many difficulties, still doing tests in search of greater opportunity and dreams also one day get the Hollywood movie screens and be recognized.

Because I believe if we are not in search of our dreams we will not achieve our goal, because anyone can just want to go after your dreams.