Ancient Piercings; A Practice as old as Tattooing:

Ancient Piercings, it seems funny to even say to some people. Even more so to think about. But the practice of piercing is just as ancient as tattooing, the act of piercing any part of the body to adorn it with jewelry, of some kind.
We might not think too much about the history of piercing or how i came to be a practice. They certainly don’t get much of the same media time as tattoos do today.

This is mainly according to 2 different reasons. One is that there have been so many urban myths and so much misinformation, that people lost track of the real history of piercing. That coupled with the fact that scholars, especially archaeologists, have only just shown an interest in body adornment, including piercings. Especially with piercings, there is also a lack of primary findings, where with tattoos, several mummies have been found adorned with them.

But piercings have been proven to (possibly) be just as ancient as tattoos. As our main man, the mummy Ötzi has shown us, as he is adorned with 7-11 mm gauges (without jewelry) in both of his ears, at the time his was discovered.
Other evidence have also been found. Especially within tribal cultures of the South American continent and the African continent. The evidence all seems to point towards humans always having loved both piercings and tattoos

Final Comment:

Ancient Piercings, together with tattoo findings, they seem to proof how much we humans have always loved to decorate and adorn our bodies. Without people perhaps noticing, piercings are even more popular today, than tattoos. They are also much more common place. Perhaps this is because of the tendency for people to not count pierced ears, as piercings, but sorry guys they do count. So don’t forget how cool and important piercings are, for spreading the ideal of individuality as well (read more).

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