Ami James – The Entrepreneur in Tattoos

Ami James – The Entrepreneur in Tattoos
December 09
08:00 2015

You might have heard about his name from some of the reality show or some kinds of art that he made. He is Ami James – the Entrepreneur in Tattoos.

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He loves tattoo every since he just a little kid. Grown up without his dad and his loved in painting has been the most influence for him to do tattoo. Ami James – the entrepreneur in Tattoos was once joined the Israel force army as a sniper.

Once he was released from the army he started the company along with his friend Chris Nunes to create a tattoo company. Then, since he has the entrepreneur passion he then spreads his wings to some other fields like clothing, nightclub, TV program, even the Jewelry. That is why he is well-known throughout the world with the name as Ami James – the entrepreneur in Tattoos.


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  1. Sara Melanie
    Sara Melanie April 18, 00:50

    Awesome tattooer and hella good looking fella! Love to meet him once! Is the show still running and what’s the name of the shop in NYC again??

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  2. humblebie
    humblebie February 10, 17:14

    Shelly Brook – Where you from ???

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  3. Shelly Brook
    Shelly Brook December 24, 16:39

    My Hero – Ami

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