Alfredo Meschi; Inking Up For Animal Rights:

Alfredo Meschi is an animal rights activist from Tuscany. He has in his later years devoted his life to animal rights, after a previously carnivorous lifestyle. He is originally from a family of hunters an fishers, but after discovering ethical veganism, he turned his life around.

Today Alfredo is not only a 100% vegan and animal friend. But he has turned to animal rights activism in a very special way. He has utilized his own body as the focal point of his protesting. The most noticeable way he has done that, is his full body suit of a total of 40.000 little black crosses. These crosses symbolize the amount of animals killed daily, for our consumerist society.

He does not see himself as any run of the mill activist. He is rather a performance arist, who has turned his body into a permanent piece of performance art, in the name of animal rights. Truly, he has gone all in, in order to prove his point that all creatures on earth are equal and living and breathing, in the same way.

Final Comments:

Indeed many pictures and articles about this man, have flooded the internet for years now. Hopefully he sees this as some success, but it is unlikely that he will be satisfied, till the meat industry is thoroughly changed or indeed shut down. It will be exciting to see if he ever feels it necessary, to go further with his animal rights body art. Other than the cow tag piercing he has and his bodysuit, only the future will tell.

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