Alexis Vaatete from Vatican Tattoo, USA

Alexis Vaatete from Vatican Tattoo, USA
October 14
06:00 2016

Alexis Vaatete from Vatican Tattoo, USA 

Alexis Vaatete is one of those people who discover their true path in their early age. Born with a passion for art and creativity, Alexis Vaatete is a tattoo artist from USA. Vaatete’s artistic mind had always found it easy to find inspiration and creative vibes from his surroundings. In his youth he expressed his creative energy through drawings and would satiate his love for art by collecting comic book cards. This was the beginning of the making of a great artist.

Alexis was raised by his parents in Southern California and his dad was linked to the Marquesan lineage. His father’s ancestry became a great source of artistic influence for Alexis and he found his inspiration in the Polynesian lifestyle. This was where his passion for tattooing sprouted. The Polynesian forms of tattooing hugely inspired Alexis, and he drew more inspiration from the urban style of tattoos in California.

Alexis gradually started exhibiting his art in art galleries at art nights during his stay at Humboldt Country. His artistic journey continued and at the age of 24 he fully dived into his passion for tattooing. His friend Tahoe told him to meet Franco Vescovi who was hugely impressed by Alexis’ portfolio. This was a turning point for Vaatete’s career. Alexis spent three years under Franco’s apprenticeship at his shop Orange Country Inkhouse. Alexis learned the basics of tattoo art from Franco there as well as found his first exposure in the tattooing industry. Alexis still works as a professional tattoo artist with Franco in the tattoo studio called ‘Vatican Tattoo’. A great artistic portal had been opened.

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The styles that most inspired Alexis were that of Frieda Kahlo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexis Grey, Salvador Dali, Caravaggio, and Michael Parks. Diversity and variety is a salient feature in Alexis’ art. Alexis met lots of great minds in the tattoo world and found inspiration from many. Being connected to the tattoo Industry not only helped Alexis establish himself as a skilled tattoo artist, but also opened him to an unlimited world of imagination and art, quenching his thirst for the creative aspects of human existence.

Alexis’ art depicts the beauties and miseries of life. Every medium that he uses shows his deep understanding of the human nature and the world we live in. His passion for art can be seen by his routine of working around 8-16 hours a day. Alexis never stops learning and he keeps broadening his horizon in art. He loves various artistic styles such as surrealism and realism, and doesn’t hold himself back from trying new things – an attribute of a true artist.

Alexis’ tattooing style is quite unique and in many examples we see him using elements from nature, such as butterflies, roses, and animals. Alexis doesn’t stick to the mainstream tattoo styles and uses his own artistic passions in this medium as well. This amazing tattoo artist can be contacted by visiting the website of Vatican Tattoo. Despite all his professional success, the piece art that is dearest to Alexis is the one he created for his son.

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