In a world of artists dominated by males, Alexa Meade is one of the few females who are breaking all stereotypes with their love and passion for arts and of course her unique skills and exceptional eye! She is famous for devising a practise that optically alters the 3-dimensional world into a 2-dimensional painting, and as real as can be possible.

A 30-year-old American, born in Washington D.C. and brought up in Chevy Chase, graduated from the famous Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, in 2009. And then diverting from the path of politics with a political science degree in hand and the experience of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, she became a self-taught artist. In the whole tenure of teaching herself paint, she developed her own unique style and made it into her signature look. She became well-known as an American Installation Artist who paints her portraits directly on the human body and inanimate objects in a way that makes her models appear in 2-D when being photographed, and what seems to be left behind is a photo of a painting of a person and the features of the real person are hard to identify!


According to Business Insider, ‘Meade isn’t like any other artist… she literally paints human beings, turning them into living, breathing portraits. Alexa creates the illusion of a world where 2D and 3D have become one.’

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Her work includes the four key elements; painting, photography, art installations, and performance arts. Being a strong believer that paint does not only requires a canvas, she began painting on surfaces she could find, like sausages, fried eggs, grape fruits, shadows, etc. and eventually found her calling.

She first gained attention and recognition in 2010, when her living paintings went viral from a short post on, Jason Kotttke’s blog. And then the views on her web page shot to 30,000 the very next day. Her famous work ‘Transit’ was highlighted in the news next as it featured an older age man who was painted by Meade in her basement studio and then photographed while riding the metro.

Meade’s art has been showcased at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., the Saatchi Gallery in London, Postmaster’s Gallery in New York, and Galerie Ivo Kamm in Zurich, among many other countries like Paris, Germany and Spain, too. She also, has the achievement of being the first artist-in-residence at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario. And is currently, collaborating with the magician David Blaine on a new series.

Alexa Meade
Photography by Mark Seliger

There is no field that she has not explored and brilliantly executed with her skills, be it physics, or a denim-supply campaign, or even the world of magic! With Alexa’s innovative and dynamic approach to art, she first selects a topic and then paints it. Literally! She paints not only the person, but the emotions, the essence of existence and the true scenario, and all this by taking the background in perspective. You name it and she has used it; people, food, or milk.