Alex de Pase, born in the 1975 is a self-taught tattooist who has had a passion for the art for over twenty years.

At present he he has his own studio in Grado, a small island in northeast Italy.

His interest in drawing and sketching started at a very young agae when he used to draw alongside his mother while she painted later on however, he quitted drawing until the age of 14. When he was a kid he looked at tattoos and at the tattoo artist work like a rebellion against “normality” and prejudices. At that time where he live, people knews more or less nothing about tattoos, so people thought bad things about tattoo artists and people with tattoos, this made him even more proud to show off his tattoos.At that time he wanted his very own shop but it seemed impossible to earn enough money from live painting.As per alex , ‘I never thought that tattoo would have been slowly accepted by our culture, that, like today happens, more or less everyone likes tattoos and that today, after 20 years after my first approach, tattoo is considered a form of art like painting.’

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It wasn’t long before he met a guy with tattoes all over his body. On inquiring he got to know that , this fellow learned how to tattoo in jail, and when he told him that he knew how to do them, alex insisted him to teach everything he knew so he taught him the basic skills for tattooing by hand with a Bic pen melted with needles and ever since, he have not stopped tattooing.

Eventually, Alex learned to work a tattoo machine, and studied everything he could get his hands on. After some years of doing every type of tattoo, he started focusing on realism and portraits. Regarding which he says;

I love realism because the goal is to perfectly examine and reproduce details, light, and depth. To me, one of the most fascinating things about realism is that even though it might seem like a mere reproduction of something that already exists, it’s actually much more than that. I don’t agree that creating art based on realism is solely technique. The artist must master a very complex technique, but must also have sensitivity, be able to apply his own interpretation, and have the capacity to perceive color, detail, and atmosphere, among other things. Every artist’s outlook and views are expressed with the reproduction of images, and give a certain atmosphere to each tattoo.’

Even though after all these years, alex thinks that he is still not perfect and has to improvise to grow better and better every day!