Aerial Vertige is an acrobatic duo composed by Sara and Lara. These two beautiful and tattooed women live and work in Italy on a daily basis. On the stage they are blowing mind of all viewers with their amazing flying acrobacies. The discipline which is the core of their show takes its heritage from the circus art. Sara and Lara in their shows showing sinuose and geometric moves on aerial hoop. Besides being co-workers, they are best friends.

I saw their shows during Gdańsk Tattoo Konwent in 2019. As an enthusiast of beautiful shows and as a photographer, I can honestly say that the combination of their ability and beauty on the stage is wondrous. It’s so good to watching this! To get to know the girls better I asked a few questions to one of them.


Sara, what was the first: being co-workers or being best friends?

It was happened at the same time. When we started work together, we started to be best friends! Now we are inseparable.


It sounds great. Certainly many people dream of combining love for passion with love for a friend. You certainly complement each other very well. Who does what in your duo? Do you separate tasks and, for example, one of you arranges an acrobatic performance and the other invents costumes?

Yes! That’s exactly what we are! I think about character, stories and messages to be put across and the target audience. Lara realise costume and accessories. We draw up together the acrobatic skills and tricks during the endless rehearsals for the show.


So this is the recipe for a great show! However, still one of the most important things without which the show would not take place are your acrobatic skills. How long have you and Lara been doing acrobatics?

Not so long ago! Everything started in 2015. We have realized our dream thanks to our passion and willingness to sacrifice. That is why we are training for 3 hours every day.

How can you find time to come up with such fairy-tale atmosphere that accompanies your performances with so hard work?

At the time when I was young, I believed in fairies. Now I desire to put fairies in our show because I understand that real life has some unsolvable trouble. When we work hard, we always think about the final result and we stay strong. In our imagination everything is perfect on stage, we imagine every details, we talk about audience reactions, we try and try again until achieving our goal. My sister was the first one who believes in our shows. She died two years ago and now we still working for her memory. She was the first one that tried to persuade a pub’s owner to host our show. We have to get it right for her!


It’s really beautiful and touching! I understand that your first performances were in pubs. Now you perform in many places. But where would you like to perform the most? Do you have such a dream place as an artists?

Act in a famous theather would be amazing for us.


All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.