As Talented With Black and Grey As She is Beautiful:

Adda is quite the beauty, like taken out of old Gothic novels. You would be forgiven for thinking she was a beautiful vampire lady. However, it would be your biggest mistake, if you thought this vampire, was all looks! As beautiful as Adda is, she is just as talented a tattoo artist. With her expertise being black and grey, and a knack for finding beauty, even in the macabre, as she puts it on peoples skin. A Rock and Roll tattoo babe, with talent to spare.

The Interview:

1.What age are you and when did you start tattooing?

I’m 28 years old at the moment and I started my apprenticeship back in 2008 when I was only 19. I did my very first tattoo in 2009. It was on a girl’s leg, I remember how absolutely nervous I was.

2.What was it that got you into tattooing?

I will be completely honest with you, I was really into the Rock’n’Roll scene and I thought no other job would be as cool as tattooing is. I was drawn to this scene, the dark, tattooed people who were so interesting and cool I just couldn’t help but be awed by them so I’ve set my mind on becoming a tattoo artist.

3.How would you describe your own style?

Personally I don’t have a particular style, I like to do tattoos that I would like to get basically, so if it’s a nice design I don’t mind it. I am quite versatile so I can tattoo in more than one style, I’m not limited to just a particular style. I can do both mandalas and realism, so I don’t think I fall into any category whatsoever.

4.What inspired you to create that style and what is it you like about it?

Like I said, I don’t think I fall into any category with my tattoos, I just do what I like. My mood sometimes dictates the way I do tattoos, sometimes I like to do ornamental tattoos more, other times I’m really drawn to do realistic tattoos. I also like challenges so I don’t really back out of any request I have.

5.What is your favourite part of being a tattoo artist?

First of all I love doing tattoos, the process of basically creating art on someone’s skin is still fascinating for me even after 9 years of being part of this industry. Secondly I love working with people and meeting new people, that’s why I absolutely love conventions. Although our town is quite giving and we don’t lack customers I still love meeting people from other cultures so conventions are absolutely the best place for: meeting new artists, learning from their culture and of course picking up new techniques.

6.What is your favourite type of tattoo to do?

My strong points are linework with a touch a realism I guess. As I said before, I’m quite versatile and I’m not really constricted to a certain style/tattoo.

7.What is your favourite body part to tattoo?

I don’t mind any part, nor do I have a favourite. As long as the design fits the anatomy I will do it with pleasure.

8.Is there a convention you dream of attending or something else you dream of doing as a tattoo artist?

Honestly my dream conventions is the Tokyo Tattoo Convention, just the thought of a small, illegal get together is quite appealing to me, it sounds quite thrilling doesn’t it? Then again being such a small convention I can’t even dream about attending it so I guess London Tattoo Convention, and Ink&Iron Convention are up there as well. I enjoy travelling a lot so I love going to conventions in general whether they are in my home country, Romania or Germany, Denmark, Sweden etc.

9.What are your plans for the future, anything we should keep an eye out for?

Besides constantly trying to improve myself I would love to focus on other artistic outlets, like as painting for instance. I would love to cultivate my creativity through other artistic endeavours and to take inspiration from my art while tattooing.

Final Comments:

Adda is a young artist who is far from done improving. Despite her skill already being something to behold, she is still hungry for more and wants to get better. Mediazink can’t wait to see what other creative endeavours this talented beauty, might end up doing next. One thing is for certain, she has no lack of passion and she already has great talent. Don’t miss out on Adda, if she is ever in your city!

We hope you enjoyed this review of this awesome and beautiful artist, do keep an eye on her and her work.
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