Adam Sage from In 2 You Tattoo, U.K

Adam Sage lives in Brighton, United Kingdom and expresses his unique tattoo art in the most innovative outlet In 2 You. Adam was introduced to the world of tattooing by his Dad, who was himself a tattoo lover. According to Adam the first ever tattoo he saw was one of the tattoos his Dad has on his arms and chest. When he was 16-year-old, Adam visited a tattoo shop in Canterbury to get himself tattooed. This visit inspired Adam to think about tattooing as a profession for himself. Adam started attending an art college which also gave him a chance to visit some tattoo studios, and Adam learnt about Jim McAirt and Alex Binnie.

After college Sage moved to London to start his University studies. During his stay at London, he continued tattooing. Sage started tattooing by practicing his techniques and the use of needles by hand. This excited his friends and they demanded to get tattooed by him often – this was how Adam’s pastime of tattooing turned into a professional endeavour.

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Adam is unique in materializing his imagination because he dislikes the use of machine in the process of tattoo making. Adam feels that using electronic means detach and disconnect him from the real art behind his craft. He still prefers making tattoos by hands like he used to do in his early days.

  In 2 You in a tattoo shop that was started in 1993 and is still prominent for its creative and out of the box tattoo art. The Brighton branch of this shop was started in 2006. Adam believes that though nowadays the tattooing scene in Brighton is on fire after the formation of so many great tattoo shops there, but In 2 You still stands out due to its unique way of perceiving and creating the art of tattooing.

Many customs are drawn towards Adam due to the fact that he makes tattoos by hand. According to Adam tattooing by hand is a safer process though it takes longer than tattooing with machine. Tattoos made by hands don’t damage the skin the way machine can do. His soft and humble demeanour is another factor that makes his customers fall in love with him. He believes that his spiritual side is very important in giving the uniqueness to his work.

Other than tattooing, Adam is a film geek and adores old movies and movie posters. He also savours old illustrations from 60s and 70s, especially those related to fashion and nature. Adam does not take his free time for granted and indulges in physical activities to keep himself refreshed. Cycling and swimming are his favourite ways to keep his mind healthy and active.

Adam Sage aspires to explore his style in more depth and discover the variety of his art. He wants to carry out bigger works of art and explore the craft of print making further, along with expounding his knowledge of his own medium. We wish this amazing artist all the luck in the artistic dimension.