Absolutely stunning color portraits made of Valentina Ryabova from Russia.
We´re talking pure talent working in BLACKOUT tattoo collective in Saint-Petersburg.

Valentina have despite her short time as a proff. tattooist advanced to be a highly profiled artist
in the World Of Body Art.
Many of the high level conventions around Europe have her on the artistlist.
Last year you could find her at Stockholm,Brussels and others.
Lately she worked at the Milano Tattoo Convention.

"Valentina Ryabova"
Photo: “Valentina Ryabova”

Take a look at her fantastic work.
If you want to see more just click the link and see her full gallery here on the site.

You can also follow her on Instagram.

"Valentina Ryabova"val18

Photo: “Valentina Ryabova”

Mediazink will soon highlight more artists from BLACKOUT tattoo collective in Saint-Petersburg.
High level artists located in a very beautiful city.
Stay tuned!