Absence; So Many Projects:

Hey guys I apologize for my absence. That is the first thing I want to say. I never post as often as I would like to on my blog, here on MediaZink. It is not because I forget about it. I just have a lot going on in my life. Not only do I work hard for MediaZink, helping the company grow and get better the best I can. But I also have my own projects on the side.

I have all my academic work. I currently am working on a few personal projects I am writing, as well as undertaking research with other researchers as well. There is a lot on my plate on this front, which requires a lot of my spare time as well. Especially going out and gathering data for the research, both in books, through questionairs and interviews. But hopefully it will pay off and do a lot for the world of tattooing.

I have started my own personal business and website, once again with my name Tattoo Logia. It is a website where I show what I can do, who I am and what I know. From my scientific research, to my work experiences, poems and fantasy writing, tattoo publications and  also do guidance and consultations, for people that need help with their tattoo knowledge and avoiding regret. All at tattoologia.com

So there is a lot on my plate, as the once of you that follow me on Instagram might know @tattoo_logia, but I am working hard and succes does not come easy! But I love my job and working for MediaZink as well as everything else I do.

Stay Awesome people !!!