Known for her unbelievable hourglass figure, and capturing unique face , ElegyEllem is a model that will always deliver high quality work.*
A wild firestarter and burlesque queen from Sweden.

ElegyEllem, a model, performer and artist based in Sweden, travelling the world with modelling and shows.
The last decades, she has been doing so many shows around the World.

She does runway, and stage performances, burlesque and sideshow. Fire artist ; She eat, breathe, do body burns, transfers etc. Playpiercing and stapling. ElegyEllem is also an Artist/painter and designer.

Mediazink & ElegyEllem will provide you with a huge photogallery, taken by the photograher, Josefine Jonsson photography & retouch.
Click this link to go directly to the photogalley:

Here is a small teaser selection.
You will have all from Fetish themes to Star Wars Warriors etc.

JENHELL photography JENHELL photography - 04 JENHELL photography - 03 JENHELL photography - 02
Photo by Jenhell

Want to see more of her ?
Visit Elegy Ellem website:

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