“50 Shades Of Ink Queen” Freja Andersen is, like her namesake in Nordic mythology, both goddess-like beautiful and an extremely talented woman.

“I am so proud to take home the gold,” says Freja Andersen while smiling and posing for pictures. It’s Sunday afternoon in Helsingborg, and the title “50 Shades Of Ink Queen” is now hers, at this Easter convention. Ordinarily, she works in Art of Ink in Odense, and her boyfriend, and colleague, Charley Phoenix, has already received bronze respectively in the “best of oriental” and “best of black and grey.” Now Freja secured the gold.
There is no doubt that Freja Andersen is as beautiful as the roses she loves to design, tattoo and adorn her body. But beauty alone isn’t the reason why she won the title of Ink Queen. The judges placed, among other emphasis, the quality and symmetry of the women’s tattoos, and it was highly rated that Freja Andersen herself was responsible for the design of the impressive tattoo on her body that Charly Phoenix had been working on all three days.

Skulls’n Roses

Freya’s characteristics is her beautiful “skulls and roses- pieces,” and this tattoo is no exception. It begins just below Frejas right breast, and ends well down the thigh. Fine roses weaves around a skeleton and a charming choppy angels, that looks so alive, that you get the urge to touch it.

But “no pain no gain” and therefore Freja has been below the needle seven rigid hours each day.
“One must suffer for the art, but I must admit, that I looked forward to the evening drinks and painkillers while lying there,” says Freya, who is proud of her and Charly’s cooperation on the tattoo.
“He is my mentor, and I am impressed with his technique. I still have a long way ahead to reach that level , “she says modestly.

Freya has been painting and drawing since she was a child, and for the last three years designed and tattooed. Now she feels ready to participate” under her own name” at various conventions. First time being at Nordic Ink Festival in Frederikshavn in late October, but before that, you can find the whole crew from Art of Ink on Copenhagen ITC in May.



Freja Andersen shows her bodyart for the judges on the stage, (from left) Johnny Strange, Jeanett Esfort and Matt Gone. Photo: 50 Shades Of Ink.



_Freja 7

Freja Andersen with her trophy and the tattoo her boyfriend and colleague, Charley Phoenix, has made and won a price for. Photo: 50 Shades Of Ink.



Participants gathered on stage. Photo: 50 Shades Of Ink



Judges evaluate carefully. Photo: 50 Shades Of Ink