Beards and Tattoos; they just go together:

H&K Barbershop attended this years 50 Shades of Ink in Helsingborg Sweden, where they sat up shop for the weekend. They were a 3 man team running the barbershop at the convention, the owner Hussein, his good friend and colleague Kabad, as well as their friendly assistant/helper (Micke) Puppus. Together the 3 guys made sure that anyone who wanted their beard or hair done, got a great service. Anyone who wanted to, could swing by the barbershop to get their beard treated, buy beard care products or even to just get a haircut.
No matter what you came for, you got great service and left looking better than when you got there.
They even treated anyone that got a shave by them, to a free sample of their products, on your beard.

My personal experience; a total treat for myself:

I got recommended to let the guys take care of my beard, by a good friend. I had never previously gone to an actual barber before, but I was not disappointed. The atmosphere itself, just in their booth, immediately made you relax and feel right at home. They were so professional as well as really friendly, that it was like hanging out with the guys. I joked and laughed with Kabad as he shaved my beard, touching it up where needed.

Not only did I end up with an incredible and smooth shave, as well as my beard looking better than ever before.
But Kabad also gave me great advice, both on how to shave my beard in the future. As well as advising me on how to care for my beard, for the style I want it in. I left knowing exactly why it has become such a craze in the tattoo community, having a beard and taking great care of it.

Tattooed people already like our bodies/tattoos to look good, so i comes natural to us, that we would like to keep our beards looking good too. Indeed for those who like the clean shave, to go and get it done properly.
But no matter what, the experience of how it feels to be pampered at a barbershop. Having your beard cared for and taken care of so well. It beats shaving it yourself hands down. Plus if you are like me and not good with your eye to hand coordination. You would much rather leave your beard in the hands of professionals anyways.

Final comment and gallery:

I am happy to announce, that we will most likely see the guys and their business, at the next 50 Shades of Ink in Helsingborg. But for any danish fans of Mediazink, we might be in luck and the guys will attend in Copenhagen in the fall too. No matter what, I highly recommend these guys, if you are near Landskrona or a convention they attend, if you need your beard shaved.

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Stay Awesome People!