A tough act to swallow
UK sword swallower sets new record thanks to grandma’s cooking. Professional sideshow performer, Johnny Strange, has set his 9th Guinness World Record, by swallowing the longest sword ever swallowed to the hilt.
On 27 Feb 2016 Johnny Strange attempted to set his ninth, and so far possibly his most dangerous, Guinness World Record to date. Strange was celebrating International Sword Swallowers Day; one day every year where sword swallowers from around the world gather at Ripley’s Believe it or not! museums to demonstrate the rare and ancient art of sword swallowing. He performed the daring stunt at Ripley’s, Blackpool, and managed to swallow a sword blade measuring 61cm, over 2 feet in length, down his gullet and into his stomach – his secret? a large helping of one of Grandma’s home cooked meals.
Johnny Strange sword swallowing 001 Johnny Strange sword swallowing 003
Johnny Strange Private Photo:
 When questioned for a statement, Strange was quoted as saying “this is probably one of the most dangerous Guinness World Records I have ever attempted, with the blade being so long there runs an increased risk of puncturing the stomach lining. This is a record I have been training for for a long time, sticking to a strict yoga routine and stretching exercises in order to push my body to it’s absolute limit. I also ate a huge plate of my Grandma’s cooking before attempting the record, this way my stomach sat lower than it usually would, increasing the distance from my throat to the bottom of my stomach.”
Johnny Strange is not new to performing death defying stunts having already earned himself an impressive list of Guinness World Records and world first’s including performing the worlds first ‘sword swallow inside a Globe of Death’ in 2014 while in Brussels, Belgium. The Globe of Death is a moto stunt where motorcyclists ride in a spherical mesh ball looping vertically as well as horizontally. Stunt rider, Vesko Lesev, rode his motorcycle at speeds of over 40mph (70km/h) around Johnny Strange as he swallowed a 17-inch (43cm) solid steel blade inside the cramped 5 metre cage.
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