A Teenage Boy Is Embarrassed by His Mom’s Tattoos, Demand them to be Covered Up!

As a teenager, you might put more concern on what your parents wear or do when they are taking you to school. It will shape your friends’ perception at school toward your parents. Well, you are not the only one since it is something common to happen. A teenage boy, recently complains to his mother about her sleeve tattoos. Being embarrassed by the tattoos put on her mother’s body, the boy demands her to cover them up. Are you just like the boy? Being embarrassed by your mom’s tattoos?

What’s the Matter with the Tattoos?

A teenage boy recently admits that he has a dispute with his mother.
This feud is caused by the tattoos put all over her arms and back which he considers not attractive at all,
calling them R-rated. The boy is not the only person to have that opinion.
He is also being bothered by the fact his schoolmates call her weird.

The boy’s friends at school have even made remarked to him about his mom’s tattoos, making him so annoyed.
The teenage boy says that he has asked his mother to cover up her tattoos when he gets his friend around.
But, much to his surprise, his mother refuses it.
She insists that there will be no one that can change her mind about her tattoos.
She adds that if there is somebody dislikes her because of her tattoos, it is all their problem, not hers.
The boy has no option but thinks that it might be his fault to think that his mom’s tattoos are
such an embarrassment for him. But, is it fine to have such thinking?

Tattoos Are Body Art

Well, do you agree with the boy that every parent should cover her or his weird tattoos
when their kids’ friends are around?
Before setting up your opinion, you should keep in mind that tattoos are body art
and it is everyone’s free-choice to have them on their body.
Also, as an adult, the mother of the boy is the one to have total control of her body.
She is free to do everything about her body, including creating tattoos on it.
That is why it is not a problem of hers if people do not like her tattoos.
It is not her who needs to hide things from people about herself, including the tattoos.
Additionally, by asking his mother to cover up her tattoos, he has asked her to pretend to be a different person.