Nasir Sobhani; A Free Shave and Some Kindness Can Save the Day:

Nasir Sobhani, 2 years ago he was all over social media. People were blown away by this barber’s acts of selfless kindness. Nasir became known as the Streets Barber. This is all because of how he would skate around the streets of Melbourne, cutting the hair of homeless people, as well as shaving and grooming them.

He did all this for free, as a way of paying it forward and spreading some kindness. He is even still going strong with it today, truly this is a labor of love for the barber. Despite having a massive following on social media these days, he seems to do it out of poor kindness, and not to get famous.

This fact is only proven further, by how he is shown to empathize with every single person he helps. He gets to know them personally, learns their life stories and how they ended up on the streets. He even uses his own past and his battle with drug addiction, both as a motivator to keep helping others, but also as a reminder to be kind.
On top of it, he does all this on his days off, spending his own time helping others (Read more).

Showing that Face Tattoos Does Not Prevent Kindness:

To us here at MediaZink, we could almost not love this kind and selfless man any more. But it turns out we can, because Nasir is also showing the world something else, through his acts of selfless kindness. He is showing the world not to judge a book by its covers. Both by telling the world about the wonderful people, that lie behind the messy hair he cuts.

But indeed also through his own looks. Nasir is to say the least, covered in tattoos, he even has tattoos on his face. But of course this does not prevent him from being kind and selfless. Indeed through his kindness, maybe he will also show the world, that people can be kind no matter what they look like.

We know the body-art is not what Nasir Sobhani’s story is about. But we can’t help but be happy anyways, with how he comes yet another example in the world. Of how people with body-art, aren’t crooks or villains. We can be just as kind as the next person.

Final Comment:

Hopefully you enjoyed this short glimpse at a really awesome human being. We hope he continues to go strong both with his own life, but also with the kindness he spreads as the Streets Barber. Hopefully his story will inspire more people to be selfless and more people to not judge other people by just appearance.

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