6 year old boy has a dream to save the earth

6 year old boy has a dream to save the earth
January 31
08:00 2015

A little boy at 6 years started a recycling service after he saw a documentary about polar bears losing their home when ice caps melts, because of the global warming and the big use of fossil fuels.


Every Tuesday morning he wake up at 5 am, and go threw the building he lives in and collects recycling bags with garbage in, which the inhabitant of the condominium had laid out for him. Then he gathered it all in a big garbage can, which his father wheels behind him. After he sorts the items and puts them into recycling bins, sort after paper metal and plastic – he eats breakfast and go to pre-school.


He wrote to the condo’s management, asking for permission to take 2 dollar per household per month to take their garbage down and sort it. He’s father did not think he would get the green light to do it, and expected he would get over with the idea. But a month later he got green light, and collected petition from all the neighbours. 28 signed on for the service.


Three months later the other children in the condominium was inspired to do the same so they started more collections in the other apartment blocks.


This was only the beginning of an amazing idea. What Bowen started, also helped people come together in the blocks, the parents of the children started talking to one another of recycling and now they are selling used items to one another.



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