50 Shades Of Ink in Copenhagen

For the first time the organisers behind several conventions and events in Scandinavia
represent this concept “50 Shades Of ink” that has been putting Helsingborg and the concept on the European Convention map for real.

After a very successful event in Easter, the team behind it choosed to go for Copenhagen.
They had been researching and had found a nice venue, but they delayed it for month and the convention plan was almost dropped in the 11th hour.

Poster design by Ralf Monnerup from Selfmade in Copenhagen.

After Helsingborg and the massive success and high number of visitors some new opportunities showed up.
Very quickly the team decided to go for it and a co operation plan was made with EVENTBYEN in Copenhagen. This place has a dayli rate of visitors of 3.000 persons in high season.

The place is nice and well organised for an small cozy convention like 50 Shades Of Ink is know for says Jeanett Esfort who are the directeur of the 50 Shades Of Ink company.
70 artists spots will be full booked super fast.

If you want to see and read more you can visit the website.
Choose and click the danish arm in the front.

They already started to announce the artists who pre registred early for this one.