50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg 2018; From Pin Ups to Rock and Roll:

this years 50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg, just took place this past Easter weekend. Just like the previous years it took place in the lovely Swedish city of Helsingborg, just across the water from the neighboring country Denmark.
Despite the placement in the Easter holiday weekend, many Swedes and Danes turned up for the event, that was packed with awesome tattoo artists from all over the world.

Filled main hall during the 50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg 2018 Convention.

Just as in the previous years, the convention organizers were aiming to keep the smaller sized convention cozy.
However, they did do their best to make this years 5th anniversary, more of a tattoo party than ever.
It would seem like they succeeded big-time, as more people than ever before visited the event this Easter.

This was probably thanks to how the organizers seemed to pull out all the stops, in order to improve on previous years and get people into the party spirit. There were everything from pin-up girls walking the floors, to live bands and even a freak show act.

The Venue:

The venue for this years convention, was as it has been for some years, the lovely Sundpärlan. A venue that fit the theme of this year, a homage to the 50’s, perfectly with it’s 50’s diner reminiscent look. other than that the venue was utilized to its full potential, with all artists having plenty of work space. Even with the number of attending artists this year rising to around 90.

Other than that, there was something to see everywhere you went, so with the configuration of the locales of the venue, people had plenty to keep them busy as they walked around. But there was also plenty of seating areas, both in the main hall by the bar, where people could also get a much needed bite to eat. As well as in the entry hall, if they would rather have a quiet break from the buzzing tattoo machines and music.

All in all, it was well pulled of and the venue helped create a nice cozy atmosphere. Where everyone could feel comfortable and at home, while they enjoyed getting tattooed or finding new awesome artists, or even just having a look at what tattooing is all about.

The Artists:

When it comes to the artists this year, as said there were more than ever before, with the number this year being around 90. With artists coming from all over the world, from Russia and Thailand, to just around the corner in Denmark. Thus people were assured that there was something exciting for everyone to see.

Best of show winner, Malin from Heartbreak tattoo, proudly showing of her trophy and her piece.

The talent was also strong this year, with both the new comers as well as some of the veterans at the convention. With plenty of trophies going to both groups. The coveted Best of Friday, Best of Saturday and Best of Show Trophies, were also more well deserved than ever, by the talented artists who got to take these trophies home with them.

A better view at the piece that won Best of Show.

For the best of Friday, we had the young veteran Michelle from Kineone Tattoo in Denmark, who took home the coveted trophy. Last year she won best of show herself, so people were expecting great stuff from her, and she delivered. The most covetted best of show trophy, went to Malin from Heartbreak Tattoo in Sweden, who created and amazing polkatrrash style mermaid, on the lovely Sandra. Such beautiful tattoos that all showed the level of artists today.

Michelle and her sweet daughter, together with the piece that won her Best of Friday (on the man’s ribs).

The Entertainment:

When it comes to the entertainment, a lot of variety was shown at this years convention. With everything from Rockabilly bands, to barbershops and cool vendors, to hooked on a feeling who lift people through piercings and the lovely pin up girls that guested the convention.

Krystian Minda, getting stapled in the face by a lovely Pin Up Lady.

One of the main attractions on Friday and Saturday, was Krystian Minda and his friend Monika Wozniak. Krystian himself performed his famous freak show, which also won him Poland’s got talent. A show which was in sharp contrast to his warmup act, the lovely Monika, who did her light and dance show that had the crowd mezmerized. Krystian’s show had the crowed mezmerized too, but it was not for the faint of heart. However, it was all very entertaining.

Lead singer and drummer of the Coolgators on stage at the after party.


Else there was the Saturday after party, with live music by the awesome bands the coolgators and the cremators. Who both did so well and gave the audience some awesome party music, that fit with the 50’s and Rockabilly theme. The entertainment was all very well planned it would seem, with few exceptions. But all in all, an A+ on the entertainment again this year.

One of the Convention organizers Carsten, surrounded by lovely Pin Ups.

Final Comment:

50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg, once again they managed to pull of a convention, that in the best way seemed like one big family party. Everyone had a great time and people managed to party with old as well as new friends. The artists all had plenty to do and the guests had plenty to see, and enjoy. Everything came together, to create a cozy party of a tattoo convention.

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