50 Shades of Ink, Cph, 2017 was the first convention that I attended as an artist. This is also where I met the amazing MediaZink Team, and one thing has led to another and now I am SO excited to have the chance to blog via their official website. I hope to post something on Mondays, if not every Monday, at least every other Monday. Thanks in advance for reading and following me here. You are welcome to leave a comment or question; I love to hear from you!

Backtracking to the convention, I have the sneaking suspicion that this one marks a turning point for me, I’m not entirely sure how or where it will lead, but I promise to journal it all here.

I had hoped, at some point to have a booth and show my paintings at a convention, it was a goal for the future, the far-away future. When the invite came some months back, I was REALLY excited, but to be honest, I was also plain terrified!

I always get nervous about art shows, but an added thing with this one was that I was supposed to paint during the convention. Up until this point I’ve painted pretty much alone. The idea of people watching me while I worked was freaking me out big time!

But, I know it’s important to keep reaching for more, and I did want to be ready for this at some point, so when this opportunity came I felt that maybe it was fate giving me a little shove in the brave direction. Lol

The convention was amazing! It was such a fun venue to showcase my work. I did paint a bit too and met so many really talented people. There was also so much support and positivity from the tattoo artists about what I was making, which meant so much, especially when I’ve looked up to them and what they can do. I’m hooked! Let’s just line it up for 2018 please! 🙂

Singing off for this time. Thank you for reading; I will be back on Monday and covering painting and photo art news.

Ester Rose

Below are a few more shots from the convention on my Insta.

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These earrings 💖 Thank you @tayronabutik

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