Our Impressions Of How It Went:

First Edition of 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen, is now over. It was a lovely weekend, out in the Northwest district of Copenhagen. With tattooers all the way from the US to New Zealand. As well as Scandinavia and Europe, also being heavily represented.

The judges at the convention, were also of top class, with Jico from Turkey, Tattoo Mini from Denmark and the legendary Frank Weber from Germany. With Liz Kierstein and Svend Kukkerig, legends in their own right, also sitting in on some competitions.

All in all the convention was small and cozy, with only 70 artists. Yet it was filled with loads of amazing talent everywhere you look. Such as Mona Cupcake, a young Danish tattoo artist. She took home 4 awards, 3 of them 1st place, with her amazing colorful tattoos. But it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves and got the most out of the venue.

Staff Impressions:

The Mediazink Crew was present for all 3 days, of the convention. As well as on the thursday prior to it, helping out preparing the venue and enjoying the pre-party.

Everyone gave it there all to make sure, all guests and artists, had the best experience possible. It would indeed seem it was a success. Everyone indeed seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit, meeting both new and old friends alike. However, there was some trouble with he heat at the venue. Apparently the air-con system was faulty. This will be fixed before next years convention.

But even though the crew and guests etc. were sweating there balls off. The whole weekend and the success this first edition of 50 Shades of Ink, turned out to be. Made everything worth it.

Artists and Guest Impressions:

Despite the heat problem previously mentioned, all in all the feedback for the first edition of 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen, was mostly positive. There was however, some dissatisfaction with the space for every artist, but everyone got along well and figured it out together, so it all worked out.

But people in general, loved the size and cozyness of the venue. It was very well received how everyone were close to the stage, no matter where they were at the convention, just about. So nobody missed out on anything that happened. People also enjoyed, how the amount of tattoo artists, wasn’t so great that people would go unnoticed within the crowd.

It was also easy, because of the size and planning of the venue space, for guests to find and meet the tattoo artists.
But it was a learning experience for everyone, The Mediazink and 50 Shades of Ink Crews, are at least happy most people loved the event. But efforts will of course, no matter what, be made to make next years edition, even better!


When it comes to the entertainment at this years convention in Copenhagen. Everything was quite chilled out compared to the one in Helsingborg. However, it was far from boring!

Instead of huge music shows, like there was this year in Helsingborg. The focus here was more on small stage entertainment, as well as providing some entertainment in other ways on the floor. There was everything from a freak show performer, doing death defying stunts. To a sexy stripper, enticing men and women alike. To the lovely girls from pin-up Denmark, who classed up the whole event. As well as a talented DJ for the event after party.

The entertainment fit the cozy atmosphere and size of the even and venue perfectly. And also provided a lot of culture, with the exhibition from the danish tattoo museum, by Frank Rosenkilde. As well as an unexpected honor, with Lawrence and the Segula Tatau crew from New Zealand. Performing a traditional Samoan tatau ceremony, right there at the stage.

All in all, the entertainment, was well rounded and had something for everybody. Especially considering this was he first time the event was hosted in Copenhagen, it went very well. Plus it will only continue getting better from here.

Final Comments:

With everything said and done, we here at Mediazink, feel that the first edition of 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen, was a great success. It was the firs time the convention was held in Copenhagen, and yet there were over 2000 guests, throughout the weekend. We hope everyone who attended and visited enjoyed the event as much as we did and that we will see a lot more of you next year.

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