50 Shades Of Ink Tattoo Expo #4  in Helsingborg, Sweden turned out great. We had a lot of work to do the days before but when the convention actually starts, you really feel that it´s worth it. We had a lot of visitors this year and everyone seems satisfied. We had around 80 tattooers from all over the world attending together with great traders and performers like Mustasch, Eleine, The Cremators and Pepper Potemkin. It was a great convention over all and I can´t wait to start working with next year, that will be our 5 year anniversary!

Working hard before the convention started

Me and my good friend Amina Selling

Elvis from Royal 13 Tattoo and I with topless DJ Misja

Me, Michelle & Amina

Sandra, Melinda, Emmy and I

Me, Myself and I

I got tattooed by the one and only Sebastian Forsberg. www.instagram.com/sebastiantattooing

Done by Sebastian Forsberg

Sara-Melanie, I, Mads, Amina and Oscar

For full gallerie and more information about the Convention. Check out: 50 Shades Of ink Helsingborg