5 Outstanding Female Tattoo Artists In California

In a male dominated job, where only apparently the fiercest and the heavy looking are regarded as the best, women are still somehow making a name for themselves.

The story is no different in California, precisely in LA, where 5 outstanding ladies are doing great things with ink. Yes! These ladies will blow your mind out of the water with their excellent finesse and adroit tattoo skills. You know what they say, you cannot stop a star from shining and these women are stars when it comes to Tattoos.


  1. Ivana Belakova

Photo: PhotoDariya.com Photographer (New-York).

The amazing thing about this Slovakia born female tattoo artist is that she basically taught herself how to ink. Ivana just developed the passion for tattoos and experimented on family and friends whenever she could. In her own words:

“My style of tattooing is not definite and is constantly changing. I am learning and experimenting constantly with different aspects of my creativity.”

Ivana believes the fact that there are more female tattoo artists will give women the confidence to also go out and get inked by one too.

Another pages you can find Ivana at:






Ivana working at this years Empire State Expo in New York


  1. Julie Bolene

After learning the ropes from Kevin Quinn, Julie has gone on to be amazing at what she does. Also, it’s been five years now and Julie believes that she can only get better at what she does. She reckons that her favorite tattoo request was to ink X-Files Agent Scully feasting on an alien-shaped cookie. In her own words;

“Find an artist you trust completely, and let them do what they do best”

You can find Julie at: www.facebook.com/thunderbirdtattoola/

Julie Bolene


  1. Alayna Magnan

Alayna was once an accountant but her passion for inking drove her to take apprentice lessons every other night and on weekends. Guess what? Now she’s killing it and she’s busy with appointments for months now.  Alayna had this to say;

“I can be tired, sick, hungry, stressed or whatever, and the minute I hear my machine start buzzing, it’s like I’m instantly cured and all smiles”

You can find Alayna at Rabble Rouser Tattoo (Westside palms)

Here is a little sample from her artwork collection:


  1. Laura Wangerin

Laura quit college about three years ago to begin her adventure in the tattoo world, she started an apprenticeship and was soon exceptionally good at what she learned. Although, she recounts that when she set up shop initially male clients used to be skeptical about her, but luckily times have changed. She has this to say;

“I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but it ended up being the best decision I ever made!”

You can find Laura at Outer Limits Tattoo & Museum


  1. Samantha Mancino

When Samantha clocked 18, she was all over her neighborhood looking for a willing teacher to tutor her in the art of inking. Lucky enough for her, she ended up securing two separates apprenticeships. Samantha has grown from bounds ever since and has continued to improve her art.

You can find Samantha at Ink Ink Tattoo, Venice.

Surely, our five featured female tattooist are not the only ones making the female folks proud in the tattoo world. But, we’ll take this time to appreciate them and the so many other female tattoo artists out there making a killing and excelling at their art. Truly, what a man can do, a woman can do even better! Over here, we say a job well done to them!