A Demon, an English man and a Swedish legend.

Our Judges this year, were 3 individuals whose total tattoo experience combined, equaled around 85 years.
a fact which made the 3, “old men” as they put it, laugh together during our live interview. Which you might
have seen during the convention almost 2 weeks ago.

For those who do not know them, I will now introduce each of our 3 main judges, at 50 Shades of Ink (Sweden) this year:

First of we have Demon (47). Also known as  “The Coney Island Demon”, who works out of ‘5 Points Tattoo’ in Gothenburg Sweden.

Secondly we have the English man, better known as Alex (49), currently from ‘Rites of Passage tattoo’ in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Last but certainly not least, we have the 3rd judge, a Swedish legend by the name of Tumppi (48). A man who has been running the famous “Stockholm Ink Bash” for 21 years now. He is still going strong and tattooing as well.

The Interview with the judges:

We sat down with these 3 esteemed gentlemen of tattooing on the first day, and had a talk with them about what their thoughts were on the convention so far, as well as the artists this year. For anyone that missed the live interview on Facebook, here is a summary:

They all three thought the convention this year, got off to a great start and that it was both a mix of it being calm, yet there was more people than previous years.

Also they felt that the competitiveness this year, was at a much more friendly and relaxed level, the artists were more focused on having a great time than on competing against each other.

It was also nice to see, that the focus from hosts point of view, was on creating a good convention. Instead of the goal just being about, making a bigger convention than last year. In their opinion, much more focus had been put into creating the right atmosphere. There is an awesome family feeling at the convention now.

Finally we asked them, what qualifies them to be judges for the tattoo competitions: They all agreed that it was their experience first of all, all of them having tattooed since before there was such a thing as styles (as they put it).
But also that they were all brutally honest, and knew how to look at the craftsmanship in any given style.
However they also took care to remind anyone watching, that if you are at a tattoo convention, you are already a good artist, so competing should be something fun and not to win glory as such.


Here at the end, I hope you all enjoyed this look at our judges and after the article there is a small gallery of the gentlemen.

From the left to right, our judges; Tumppi, Demon and Alex.

Carefully inspecting a new-school piece on this tattoo artist.

Ready for the duty, of judging a tattoo competition.

Finally here is a link to the interview itself, should you want to see what you missed, warning about rude language.

From all of us at Mediazink, we hope people enjoyed our convention. Look out for more content from it on our website, and we hope to see you guys around!