Promoting Diversity and Positivism Throughout Copenhagen:

the campaign 4All or more precisely “#4All”, is a very simple campaign that hits home with Mediazink.
#4All is a bus campaign that has been running, since august 2016, in Copenhagen Denmark.
It takes place on it’s namesake, the bus route 4A, which is where the wordplay gets a bit clever.

The campaign is very simple both in its execution and message. However, it does not subtract from the power of it’s message. This bus route goes through just about all of Copenhagen, from the richest to the poorest areas.
What the campaign advocates for, is that the very diverse users of the bus, tolerate and welcome each other.
No matter if it is a young kid going to school, someone going to work, a tourist, a teacher or someone covered in tattoos etc. The campaign is all about promoting diversity as a good thing. As well as promoting it among it’s many users.

Final Comment:

This campaign is mainly centered around the bus and how it has to be a safe mode of tansport, that everyone can use. However, it does not take a sociologist, to see that it promotes diversity, throughout all of Copenhagen, with its positive and simple message #4All. Because like this bus route, Copenhagen should be for everyone.
The campaign is indeed still going strong and decorating bus 4A.

We here at Mediazink hope you enjoyed this short and sweet article, feel free to go and look at the campaigns website. But don’t forget to check out Mediazink as well, on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official).