4 American Sports Stars who Love Ink

Ink or tattoos are a part of the lifestyle for many people.
They also consider a tattoo is an artwork that can be carried anywhere. Sure, it is placed even
permanently on their body. Interestingly, many American sport stars are also known
for their tattoo collections. Their tattoos are unique, various, and with meaningful symbols.
Some of those stars even decided to make tattoos on their entire body.
So, who are they?

 Shaquille O’Neal

During his career in the NBA, O’Neal has many nicknames.
They are Shaq, Diesel, Superman, the Big Aristotle and many more.
Uniquely, he perpetuates the nicknames in unique ways. Yes, they are written on his
left arm in the form of tattoo. Moreover, the star is well-known for his body that is built well
particularly the arms area. Well, all of those unique tattoos just fit O’Neal well.

 LeBron James

Shaquelle O’Neal is not the only famous basketball player with tattoos.
There are many other stars from this sport event that has the same interest.
One of them is LeBron James. LeBron James is a player from Miami Heat.
Many things cause him getting more popular.
Aside from his talents and achievements, the tattoo is also a part of him. Not only on his arm or leg,
tattoos are seen on almost the entire of his body.
The most popular tattoo is the one written on his back; Chosen 1.

 Natasha Kai

The lovers of ink currently are not only dominated by males.
Many females are known to have tattoos on their entire body. Talking about American sport
stars with many tattoos, it seems not complete without mentioning Natasha Kai, a female soccer player.
Kai has more than 60 tattoos. For her big interest in this artwork, she even appeared in a US reality show
about tattoo entitled LA Ink.

 Jeff Monson

Jeff Monson is a famous wrestler from Washington.
With his well-built body, it seems really necessary to have many tattoos in his entire body.
Monson also doesn’t have a specific theme for his tattoo.
He basically loves any type of this artwork as it can be seen on his body.
Well, if you are reading his tattoos well, there will be the names of his kids, quotes about politics,
entertainment, and still many more.


Sure, they are not the only American sport stars with ink you can see.
There is still a long list and the number seems to be increased.
Well, you can just watch sports matches anyway.