2017 Frankfurt Tattoo Convention (One of Europe´s Biggest)

2017 Frankfurt Tattoo Convention (One of Europe´s Biggest)
March 01
06:00 2017

2017 Frankfurt Tattoo Convention (One of Europe´s Biggest)

Frankfurt Convention tattoo is always fun together for me. That’s fine, but again, the crew of the Convention has worked hard to take care of the artists and participants. They choose the topic interesting and appropriate guest artists. This year – 25 years! – The Scandinavian theme was celebrated, with the biggest artists from across the region attended. While I would like to be present this year, our friend (and blogger fave comments) Serindia enjoy the show and share photos and thoughts in a blog comment. See more Frankfurt photos Serindia tattoo Flickr album.


I went “on a mission” to cover Sin & needle Convention Frankfurt. It is a mission that is fairly easy to obtain, given the places central how to Frankfurt. Tattoo parlors so require a journey to get there, but not this well-established event. In addition, its easily accessible location attracts a diverse crowd.

And the Show attracts a crowd. Artists and merchants are all installed in the same room, but organizers are careful to leave enough space between the rows of so that you can still walk without getting stuck in traffic. A person doesn’t bloody rubs against you!

There is also special for me call because the Convention was interesting Nordic themes as the lover of Scandinavia and fan of the tattoo, it’s interesting. In addition, the Convention wonderful poster designed by Jannicke Wiese-Hansen of Nidhogg certainly suggest something very Viking (and fun) will take place.


There are no “Nordic events” per say, but a lot of Scandinavian and Nordic artists were invited. Almost all Scandinavian artists reside in the territory of the same Convention, whether they work in the style of Nordic Vikings, such as the slaughter of the Denmark, Norway or Nidhogg, or in a completely different style, like Adrian Hing, Isso and more.

Nordic artists in the ‘traditional’, featuring artists don’t use hand tattoos techniques; Among them, you can find the following Studio specializing in the Viking do work style.

The region includes also traditional Horikaze & Horimyo, Brent McCown, Durga tattoos, meter Ferank online Manseed, Pauhi and flowers of Eggplant. Hand tattoo is always impressive and “Visual” for visitors. It of real view themselves drew the attention of tattoo collectors and press, followed by a tool of his “tap, tap, tap.

It is also interesting to see artists who use the method of piercing of hands because they all have a very personal way to work – the way they hold their equipment, movement, and speed. [And while I was there, I took the opportunity for a session fast with Tor Ola Svennevig.] The theme of the Nordic Convention inspired artists, even non-Nordic and customers; I noticed the Dragons Vikings are tattoo studio tattoo artists from France Lyon Lugh spirit. But the main trend in this Congress tattoo is a style of realistic portraits. Tattoo contest has even its own category ‘realistic’, which do not always exist in other Conventions.


The contest, organized by Daniel Krause, who is also a pleasure component to the conventions, but since I’m not fluent German and partly because of a slight shortage of information on the artists who make each tattoo, it is difficult to study the artist who is the winner.

Overall, after 3 days of haunting the place and look at that tattoo artists stop like crazy, he left me a very positive impression of the event which is fun and exciting.

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