A couple months ago, I worked with a new photographer, he said he’d checked out my portfolio and that “I had a lot of different looks”, I think he was trying to place me. I thought about what he said and he probably had a point. :p I like to switch it up. I never have been able to stick with just one genre, I’m curious and I love to experiment.  However, I do have a few main faves! Something of a nerdy genre is def one of them. So when I came across this Danish Tee Brand … it was luv! :p

When the opportunity came to do an INSTA collaboration with them, I was so up for it!!! I’ve had some ideas I wanted to try anyway and these tees completed the look!

Thank you TMJFOTO for doing this with me. It was great to work with you!


And anyway, this is how you’ll find me on weekends and a couple weeknights… I love relaxing on the sofa with some GOOD snacks …homemade nachos are a real fave atm.

Been watchin’ Sherlock Holmes with my man, while we snack, (new season out now btw! YES!!!)  oooooor I’m working on my blog while he’s playing Overwatch or The Shadow of Mordor or Fallout Shelter. :p

I’ve shamelessly borrowed his game controller for this shoot…but he’s very happy we’re home now so he can get his weekend fix :p lol

About the tee in this pic, Wonder Women <3, I wore a size S, I am usually a Small, but I would say that the sizes at Masked.dk are actually quite small and I could have also worn a size Medium.