Krystian; Blood Sweat And No Tears:

Krystian Minda, as friendly as he is crazy. This performer lives for the thrill and excitement, of thrilling other people and scaring them a bit. Performing death defying stunts, that will make anyone with a week stomach look away.
He absolutely loves what he does and Mediazink had the pleasure along with all the guests at the convention, of watching him perform at this years 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen.

The Interview:

1. What age are you and where are you from?

I was born in 1985. At the moment I live in Cracow, Poland.

2. When did you start performing for the first time?

After I finished my studies in 2010 I decided to start new life as street performer. My first act was contact juggling. I used crystal balls to enchant people all over Europe for about 2 years. It was wonderfull time, full of inspiration and motivation. I met lot of great artists, saw lot of shows and got so much experience in performing. After those 2 years I back to Poland and started to do more dangerous stunts. I started to learn fire eating, straight jacket escapes, whip cracking, human blockhead acts, glass walking and in 2016 I succesfully learned sword swallowing as the first person from Poland ever. In 2017 I broke 3 world records in sword swallowing and I’m very proud to be in world elite with so many people that I always admired.

3. How would you describe your act?

At the moment most of my acts are freak shows mixed with other skills that I learned in the past. I always try to make shows for people. I try to make emotions on stage and wonder crowd with my skills. Every act looks different and it all depends on many things, starting with how I feel that day or how the stage looks like, ending with the people and their reactions to certain kind of tricks I use. Before every show I need to know the people and adjust my show to their requirements.

I do small performances and big stage shows as well, I work alone, with dancers or with other artists. I do soft freak shows and very bloody ones. Very ofter I work with fire too. I can suspend upside down in straight jacket in the flaming jaws and dive in shackles into water tank. I’m very flexible as performer and I have a lot of assortment to use on stage.

My acts can be described as very danger and very risky. I push the limits of human capabilities.

4. What is your worst experience from a performance/show?

There is always a chance that something will go wrong. I had a lot of accidents during my shows. I had my hand broken, my eye damaged, my skin burned, my esophagus bleeding and that’s only the beginning of the list. On my whole body there are souvenirs after the “something went wrong” shows. People usually don’t see that something went bad, but I remember those moments even after many years.

5. What is your best experience from a performance/show?

I love when people are stunned and don’t know how to react when I do my show. They are at the same time pleased and concerned. When I see in their eyes that kind of reaction I know my work is done. They will remember me for many years, maybe even for whole life. My job as performer is completed and I feel fulfiled.

6. Do you often perform at tattoo conventions and how do you like performing at them?

I love tattoo conventions. I worked in many places – in hotels, at events, at festivals, I used to perform on the steet in the past, but tattoo conventions are my favourites. Full of people with passions appreciating me with my passions as well. They all are like family to me. I always enjoy going to tattoo conventions, I am invited to conventions all around the Europe all year long. So I usually have 2-3 conventions in month. That kind of life is not easy, I spend most of my time in the road, but I like to be free and I like to travel so everything works perfect for me. That’s the best life I could choose.

7. what’s your favourite stunt that you do?

My personal favourite stunt is sword swallowing. I spent 2 years of my life to learn that. Day by day, week by week. It was so exhausting that I wanted to quit many times. But I never gave up and now I’m the world class sword swallower. I have predisposition to mix sword swallowing with other tricks that I learned in the past or I want to learn in the future such as acrobatic, balance, juggling and other more or less extreme stunts. It opens a lot of opportunities for me to make something spectacular. It needs a lot of patience, sacrificies and tons of work, but I enjoy sword swallowing at most.

8. what are your future plans?

I know that I will not always be able to perform at stage, but I want to work as performer as long as I can. I want to progress and make new shows. Be better and better, year by year, whole my life. I want to travel a lot, meet great people and have a wonderful life.

Final Comments and Gallery:

Truly Krystian has trained his body and mind hard for a long time, to be able to do what he does. It should go without saying that you should not try to do this at home. However, if you ever get the chance to see him perform, go and watch his skill at work in his crazy show. You will not forget it anytime soon.

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