Greek Heritage with Eastern Promises, in the Cold North:

Mandala Sifou, was indeed born and raised in Sweden. Yet that and his Greek heritage are far removed, from his artwork, which has heavily eastern influences, especially from Buddhism and Hinduism. But he in quite the humble man, very much so inspired by the spiritual influences in his work, and the cultures he sees when he travels the world, with his art. However, he does have great ambitions, as you will be able to see from the interview.

He is a very talented artist, able to tattoo anything on anyone. Although, he does have a special love for anything with holy or spiritual influences. Indeed the gentle and stunning artwork of the tattoos this genius creates on his clients. Kind of comically, stands in contrast to the name of the studio he works in, “The House of Pain”. Yet that should not scare you off, as this mans talents are one to watch out for.

The Interview with Sifou:

1. What age are you and where are you from?

  • I’m 36 , I am Greek but born and raised in Sweden.

2. How long have you been a tattoo artist for?

  • I Started tattooing in 2005 , so 12 years now.

3. How did you get into tattooing?

  • I have painted and drawn since I can remember, Started painting graffiti when I was around 10-11 years old. I have always loved all art forms, So a few years later after art school, I finally got the chance to become an apprentice with an old classmate who just opened his own studio.

Getting a bit more personal:

4. How come you chose the artist name, Mandala Sifou?

  • Sifou is actually my old dj name taken from my obsession with old HongKong movies , It’s really Sifu and means  master. Mandala is because i was forced to have a first and last name on facebook , so it had to be mandala because I love the beauty in the Mandala and to work in that style.

5. There seems to be a spiritual theme to many of the tattoos you do, care to explain/elaborate?

  • That’s because I’ve always loved the Holy and Spiritual within the Buddhist and Hindu , Both in the religions and in their art forms. Ranging from a mantra or a ritual to an icon. So I try to get that beauty in to my artwork, or try to bring that feeling in to it.

6. What is your Favorite type of tattoo to do?

  • I can not just choose one, Buddhist , Hindu, dotwork, blackwork, geometric, ornamental. But I do so much more and want to grow all the time, I do not want to limit myself.

7. What is your favourite bodypart to tattoo?

  • I love making big tattoos so I would say bodysuit, But if I only choose one, that’s the thigh.

8. How would you actually, describe your own (personal) style of tattooing?

  • That was difficult, My style is a great mix of different techniques I learned over the years When I traveled around the world, I am inspired by art, culture and other artists, and the styles I love and look up to. I call it Sacred Mandala, because when someone sees my art, I want them to see directly, that i did it.

9. We already know you will and have been attending a lot of conventions this year, what else can people expect from you in the future?

  • I will continue to travel around the  world and work conventions. I want to see more, experience more, get inspired and evolve. Besides that, I’m  working on my music. So maybe I will get out and play some music. I’m also working on two new sketch books. Paints, a lot of paintings. But my biggest future plan is to design my own T-shirts, my own brand. My focus is and will always be on my art and my development as an artist

Final Comments and Gallery:

As already mentioned, Sifou loves the holy and spiritual influences in his tattoos. Lovin if he gets to do anything that has to do with Hinduism og Buddhism. However, he also loves anything with an asian/eastern influence, like mandalas and doing beautiful ornamental pieces on people.

Entrusting this man with a big tattoo project, would be well worth your every penny. You might even be in luck, if you are swinging your way by the cities Stockholm and Copenhagen in the near future. As this ambitious multi talented artist, will be attending both the Stockholm Inkbash and 50 Shades of Ink Copenhagen.

Mandala Sifou himself.


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