10 good tips, based on my knowledge and personal experience:

I want to start of, by explaining that these tips are based on how I care for my tattoos, my knowledge from
all the different tattoo artists I have met throughout my career so far, as well as my research and knowledge as
a ‘tattoo-sociologist’. You should always, if in doubt, consult your own artist or even several different tattoo artists.
Else I recommend buying self-help books about tattoos or looking  around on pages like Mediazink.com.

Now also keep in mind, these tips are coming from a collector, who is slightly neurotic, about how he cares
for his tattoos and making sure they look perfect.
First few tips are about aftercare, so if you do not care about that, you can skip ahead, but I urge you to read.

The List of Tips:

  1. Keep that “badboy” out of the sun; I know as much as the rest of you, how eagerly you want to show off
    that sweet new tattoo. But if it gets too much sun, it can damage the ink and make it look bad, also you
    face possible health risks, such as allergic reaction.
    So for the first 3 weeks, try to keep it out of the sun as much as possible.
  2. Do go overboard with the aftercare product; now this is mainly for the people using tattoo balms/creams,
    It is important you listen to the guidelines on the product, and what your artist tells you.
    Doing it too little results in possible infections and other complications, doing it too much can result
    in the quality of the tattoo suffering
  3. Remember to wash and rinse your new ink, but do try to use soap that has no perfume and are ph-neutral
    to be safe. But it does help the healing process to wash and rinse it, however when trying the tattoo after
    be careful and dab lightly with a soft towel preferably.
    Once again, do not overdo it, preferably short showers are best for the cleaning, but for the first night
    when you remove the wrapping from the tattoo, use a soft tea towel, paper towel or similar, and carefully 
    clean away the blood, with just water.
  4. Try your best, to keep other people from touching your tattoo, while it is still healing, so the first week or so.
    It is mainly to be extra careful, as other people might have bacteria on their hands, which could cause an
    infection, which again could create issues for you and also result in the tattoo not healing as good, or worse!
    So basically, untill it is done scapping at least, let other people look but not touch it, and don’t pick the scap yourself either!
  5. Now when you start planning your tattoo, especially the first one, your reasons for wanting a tattoo
    are more important than you think to consider. Now I am not saying you need a deep meaning, but
    it is a very bad idea to get a tattoo, no matter what it is, because your buddies or community urged you
    The tattoo needs to be gotten, because of a personal desire to get tattooed, if you wouldn’t get it if 
    your friends hate it, then you should not be getting tattooed at all.
  6. Research your artist, now some of you think this goes without saying, with all the self-help books and
    websites and so on, out there today. but there are still a lot of people who run to the first artist they see,
    which in many cases ends up, having a less than desired outcome in the end.
    Make sure they know what they are doing, that they are willing to guide and inform you, and 
    most importantly, that they are good at the style you like and want.
  7. Have patience, rushing into a new tattoo can be bad in several different ways, you might not find an artist who
    does it just the way you dream of getting it done, nor have enough money for proper quality work.
    But worse than anything else, you might not connect with what you are getting done. Again deep meaning
    Is not necessary, but a personal connection with the artwork, helps secure it as something you will
    always cherish.
    Plan your tattoo and get it for your own sake, not for others. Rather wait that extra month or two, than
    getting something done you are not 110% sure of.
  8. Even before you plan out the image of your tattoo, you can research different styles and try to find one that
    speaks to you. This will also help you find artists, who are great at the specific style you think will look great
    on you. Make sure again, that it is a style you like and not one that you choose, just because it is popular or
    something all your friends have etc.
    If even the style of your tattoo, be it bio-mechanical, black and grey, realism or whatever, speaks to you. 
    Then you are already on your way to a piece, that you will always cherish.
  9. Let your artist be a part of the process! Tattoos are indeed very personal, when you get them for personal reasons. But don’t get in your own way, when it comes to getting the perfect tattoo, always be ready when
    you come in with a drawing, to get your artists input. It makes them feel apart of the project and makes them
    get more into it. Also, they know more about, how stuff fits the body and together with them, you
    can create a perfect tattoo for you.
    Feel free to draw up a design or have someone else draw up a design, but to make it truly perfect and 
    personal, for both you and your artist. remember to let your tattoo artist, give it their special touch too, 
    after all… it is also their art, on your body.
  10. Personal reflection is key, to not regretting your tattoo, as might already be apparent in the last few points.
    But reflecting on how you will feel, as a tattooed person, how much you want done, all of that stuff.
    Reflecting on every aspect of how tattoos would affect you, your identity and your life, it helps you
    to not regret your tattoo, indeed as an artist I know once said to me;
    You have to make sure you can wear the tattoo, to make sure you know what you are doing, else 
    the tattoo ends up wearing you and you won’t be able to handle how people look at you, you
    won’t be prepared for the stigma that comes with it. 

I hope you will take my pointers to heart, I am not saying they need to be followed to the letter, nor am I saying
that you need them in order to get a good tattoo that you won’t regret. All I am saying, is that I hope these help
you, should you need it. We all deserve the best tattoos, we can get.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts, ideas for future posts and articles and with your own tips and thoughts,
if you feel like it.

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