Before going for a specific tattoo, people used to think about how will be the design of the tattoo that will make someone different and endogenous to others.


Rebellion and Liberation

A number of people used tattoos to rebel. The ancient people used to getting tattoos for expressing their freedom of speech and freedom of liberation. The concept of tattoo came from that notion. In this attempt, people thought less about how the tattoo would look like, the design of the tattoos and these sorts of meaningless thing. They wanted to gain over the power through the means of tattoos. Their attempt was to express their feeling for the country they belonged to. It was absolutely immaterial to think about the design rather the sole importance had given to the content of the tattoo which demonstrated the aggression.

Private Photo.
Che Guevara in popular culture


Fashion and Social Influence

Tattoos are rarely found at requests of friends and significant others, when respondents submit to social pressure to satisfy their need to be loved by and attractive to significant others. This category is consistent. Similar to the findings of Velliquette, Murray, and Creyer (1998), tattoos are sometimes acquired simply to imitate celebrities, fashion models, or admired individuals. In this thematic picture, the experience of acquiring the tattoo supports a self-identity situated in a broader, external network of meanings. Thus, these accounts emphasize personalized meanings that are interpreted through and acquired from a social or cultural frame of reference.

Capturing Memories

Memories are single most things that will disappear as the time goes on. In order to preserve memories into symbol, people used to get tattoos on different parts of their body. It will remain for the rest of the life which reminds sweet and nostalgic memories on its own. Different people have different choice behind choosing tattoo design. Some are interested to show cultural fragrances, some are more concern about showing love and affection, some may be used tattoo as demonstration against injustice and undue tolerance and some may use it just to show their coolness and being stylish.


Artistic Characteristics

Art exist in various forms, it may take the form of rebellious graffiti or artistic paintings or so. Art in the form of tattoo is good enough to express feelings of love affection towards other, passion for getting something desirable and so on. We usually like different parts of our body which is shown through portraying tattoos on those parts. Different people have different choices of tattoos on different parts of the body, so we make our own canvas to symbolize us towards art and wisdom.

Charissa's Grace - Fear
Photo: Charissa’s Grace – Fear


Expression of Love and Aggression

Tattoo is best instrument to express either aggression or love. People show different emotions through tattoos. It can be lyrical, signature, name of a person, love quotes, tribal design and many more based on the choice of the beholder. People also are passionate about quoting another language which signifies strength, faith, courage or love. Some crazy people choose crazy designs for tattoo which shows their attitude towards seeing the world in a different manner. Some people use tattoo for unusual purpose, noting really motivates them to make such tattoos but they make tattoos for their mental well-being, they like to look different.